Cliff Carle has been called “a great Zen Master of words” for his ability to work wonders with rough text.  Under his guidance, projects deemed “unmarketable” have been transformed into moneymakers.

During his 20 years as the Editorial Director for an L.A. based publisher; plus the last eight years working freelance, Cliff has edited and ghostwritten over 400 books, both fiction and nonfiction, placed with over 50 publishers including Hay House and Rodale. Additionally, he has expertise in cover design and marketing.  If you Google his name, 10,000+ entries will come up.

Cliff will help you develop your book and fine-tune it not only for literary merit, but it’s marketing aspects, including title, style, organization; and ultimately, the “pitch” to agents or publishers. He has the ability to bring out the best in a writer by clearly articulating what is needed to make a good manuscript great. Clients are awed by how easy he makes it look to fix the weaknesses in their books. As a result, all of his authors rave about him.

Cliff’s clients have included a CNN Anchorperson, a national television host on ShopNBC, a nationally syndicated columnist, a journalist for the Boston Globe, a Grammy award winning Rap Artist; a documentary film director; plus countless public speakers, CEOs, PhDs, doctors, psychologists, and four bestselling authors.

 “If I edit your book, I will assist you with marketing and promotion at no extra charge.”

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