How would you like to be the person everyone is waiting forto arrive at the party, the office, the restaurant, or wherever? What if, in a very short amount of time, you could develop a reputation for being a funny guy or gal? With BRILLIANT ANSWERS FOR EVERYDAY QUESTIONS, it will be quick, easy, and fun.

How many times has someone asked you a simple question, and you automatically answered it seriously? Ten seconds later you thought to yourself, “Now I know what I should have said!” Never again will you be at a loss for funny or clever words.

Almost daily you are bombarded with annoying questions; and you probably answer 90% of them seriously, and 10% jokingly. Imagine if you flipped those percentages around? People would then start to see you differently. FUNNY differently. And when they are putting together a guest list for their next party, or get-together, guess who’s going to be in the number one slot: clever YOU! (aka The Fun Guy! / The Fun Gal!)

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Voicemail is no longer just a means of identifying yourself and prompting a response, it’s now an entertainment medium. Express your inner comic and treat your callers to loads of laughs.

KILLER VOICEMAIL (by comedian John Carfi and comedy writer Cliff Carle) is both practical and fun. It contains 130+ funny and clever outgoing messages for your cell phone or phone service answering device. Amuse your friends when they call and you’re not available—or just not in the mood to talk. For ease of use and to find the perfect message for you, the book is divided into nine categorical chapters.

Buy it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. $3.99

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