Assisting you in your search for an agent or publisher— including personal referrals (phone calls, or letters written on your behalf)


  • Concise or thorough manuscript critique per your needs.
  • Info on all phases of the publishing process from first ms. draft to published copy.
  • Recognize and fix the problems in a manuscript that has had several rejections.
  • How to write a powerful, convincing proposal.
  • How to write a persuasive cover letter that will catch an Acquisition Editor’s eye.
  • Tailoring your concept to what agents and editors are looking for in today’s market.
  • Finding the right publisher for your genre. How to get an agent interested in your manuscript.
  • How to make yourself as valuable as your manuscript to a publisher.
  • Referrals to agents and publishers


  • Reviewing your author/publisher contract for “red flags.”
  • Understanding the “subsidiary rights” clauses in your contract.
  • When and how to try to negotiate a better deal for yourself.
  • Advice on selling the various rights that are available. Negotiating intricate foreign licensing deals.


  • Determining if self-publishing is right for you.
  • How to make self-publishing profitable for you.
  • Helping you write eye-catching Press Releases
  • The most efficient and successful ways to promote your book.
  • Developing lucrative product spin-offs or sidelines from your book.
  • Suggestions on practical and affordable ways to self-publish.

The Writing Process:

  • Overcoming various degrees of writer’s block.
  • Developing a unique and dynamic writing style.

Marketing Strategy:

  • Suggestions for promoting your book.
  • What works best, and what is a waste of time.
  • Old school: book signings, radio/TV interviews, magazines & newspapers.
  • New wave: social media.
  • How to get prominent others to promote your book.
  • Generating word-of-mouth.
  • In sum, the answer to just about any publishing question or concern.

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